Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Computer Audio Lag Problem

During the week before New Year’s Day, the audio on my laptop began to lag when I play a video or music file. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. At first I thought I was using up a lot of resources so much so that the processor couldn’t catch up, or I got a virus or spyware. My second guess was that I had a bad sound card. After doing some diagnostics to check for the above mentioned suspected problems, everything appeared to be in good working order. The problem didn’t stop so I did some searching on the web for a solution, which took a few hours, and when I found it, it was totally unexpected.
 A sound lag caused by the wireless network adapter? Have you even heard of anything like it? What’s up with that? What I found was a single message board thread that mentioned disabling the wireless network adapter to correct the problem. When I tried that technique, the audio lag disappeared. When I enabled the adapter again, the problem returned, so now I have it permanently disabled. Not that I needed it anyway since I’ve been using the built in network interface card (NIC) with a CAT-5 cable connected to the router. What I found out while searching for a solution, was that you can purchase a USB sound card as a replacement for a damaged one in case you don’t feel like digging into the innards of a computer, especially if it’s a laptop. As far as a replacement for a bad wireless network adapter? Well, most of us already know that you can get a USB one too.

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