Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Thoughts For Late June 2011

After not having an entry for a couple of months, finally another edition of random thoughts.
I wanted to open a bottle of wine last week so I went to get my corkscrew from where I usually get it from – a drawer in the kitchen. Well, it wasn’t there and I searched high and low, even in unlikely places, but I couldn’t find it. I must be getting forgetful, having more senior moments, or worse, developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I finally had to use a very old rudimentary cork screw, the one with a piece of steel attached to a piece of wood. I didn’t have to resort to my imitation Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew after all. The next day, I bought a new one at the 99 cent store but it wasn’t the same as the one I lost. I’ll probably find it one of these days when I’m looking for something else. Either I lost a corkscrew or lost my mind. You pick.
While at the 99 cent store I noticed a product called Sunny Acres Flavored syrup for coffee. Hmm ,no calories. Sounds like a retirement or nursing home doesn’t it? ! I have a couple of bottles at home now: French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Goes very well with my instant coffee.
Our condo association is making it more unaffordable to own and live here. They have been increasing our monthly dues 10% each year for the past three years. I can barely afford to pay the mortgage anymore. They work the same way as the government: tax and overspend.

Observations on store bought salads: Reser’s potato and macaroni salad taste like what my mom used to make while Kroger brand tastes like what grandma used to make. The first one is more tangy while the other sweeter.
This from a news item I read on the web: alcoholics in Australia confined in hospitals are drinking the alcohol based hand sanitizers which are available all over the building.
I finally retired the Sorbothane cycling gloves I’ve had since the early 80’s which I’ve been using to lift weights in recent years. The Sorbothane gel had disintegrated and was staining my palms.
Ever noticed in grocery ads that when they have a sale on hot dogs, there is usually no corresponding sale on hot dog buns? Goes the same for hamburger patties and buns. Unless of course it’s the Fourth of July, then all of those are on sale.
Noticed at the 99 Cent Store: 4 port USB hubs for what else? 99 cents. You can find Iphone and Blackberry skins there too.
I can’t decide whether to immobilize my left ankle or keep on doing flexibility exercises on it in an effort to promote the healing process.
The other night a patient came up to me asking for an extra pillow because her roommate was snoring. I asked her if she was planning on putting the pillow on her roommate’s face. (Similar to gallows humor, but in a psych unit.) Thankfully she said that she was just going to use the pillow to cover her own ears.
Last week, a psychiatrist was looking for a patient. The patient was taking a shower but since the doctor was in a hurry to leave, he conducted what I would call “shower therapy”. No, he didn’t join the patient in the shower. Rather, they talked through the shower door for a few minutes.
I just realized that when I turn 55 next year, I would qualify to be admitted to the geriatric psych unit if ever it came to that. I should bring my own earplugs so I don’t have to smother a snoring roommate. Don’t even think about doing shower therapy with me!

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