Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happenings On An Extended Weekend

Once in a while I get an extra day off therefore extending my weekends to four or five days. Most of the time, I do nothing but relax and watch movies. Here are a few things out of the ordinary that happened last weekend.

There’s An App For That, You Dummy!  I’ve been working out all this time reading the online version of the Press Telegram on the full website only to find that it was oftentimes difficult to scroll and navigate a page because the text would overrun the screen. I knew a while back that there was an app for the newspaper but the reviews weren’t too hot so I never downloaded it until the first of March. I didn’t expect very much out of it, thinking it would be similar to the website. For the most part, it was, but what set it apart was that the text didn’t overrun the page anymore and stopped at its proper boundaries. Finally!
Well it happened again. Free laundry in our condo complex laundry room. Not entirely free mind you, but at least free washes. Somehow, after some maintenance work, the washing machines don’t require coins for one cycle. I took advantage of the situation by doing two loads (I usually just do one). I was able to wash most of my pants in addition to the usual uniforms, undies, socks, and exercise gear. Then the next day, I even did something I haven’t done in years: ironed my pants. Heck, I haven’t ironed anything in a long time! My ironing board and iron is stored away in a hallway closet and haven’t been touched because usually, just by shaking out my clothes after washing and drying, they don’t look too crumpled. However, a few days ago for a brief moment in time, I was an Ironman.
It’s a distinct possibility that the short life of my Olevia TV was due to its close proximity to the furnace, which made the capacitors wear out prematurely.  To prevent this from happening to the new LG TV, I did some minor rearrangements to my living room so as to move the TV stand farther from the furnace. This involved some pushing, pulling, tugging, and lifting. Yipee! Extra workout!

One of my cabinets was starting to burst at its seams with magazines. Specifically, 7 years’ worth of Runner’s World Magazines. I finally stuffed them in a box and moved them to the garage. In the process of emptying the cabinet, I also found books about running from 30 years ago. The usual ones from Jim Fixx and George Sheehan were there but there were a couple of unusual ones which I had forgotten about. Would you believe that Consumer Guide wrote a book about marathon running? What about a one entitled The Non-Runners Book? The second one is a spoof about running addiction. Both were published in the late 1970’s. Well, here are photos of those books.

Vacuuming? What’s that? I haven’t vacuumed very much since I lost my last cat. There is no more kitty litter being tracked around my home. However, dust does come to the surface specially when you are replacing a TV and moving furniture around necessitating the use of the vacuum cleaner (itself gathering dust in the corner of the room). So vacuum I did on one of my days off. Oh, by the way, I also rearranged some exercise equipment in a futile attempt to create more space in my living room. More dust.
So there you go, this is what  made for a productive weekend: ironed, vacuumed, rearranged, moved 7 years worth of Runner’s World magazines to the garage. Not all at once, mind you, but over several days. If there is one thing that running marathons has taught me, it’s pacing.

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