Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prior To The 911 Call

While I'm waiting for the radiology people to pick me up for my echocardiogram and stress test, I might as well tell you about how this hospitalization came to be. I wasn't doing anything strenuous, I was only watching a video (Bachelorettes, I think, with Kristen Dunst, et al). The pain was initially mild, like a slight burning sensation on my chest, which I hoped would disappear in a few minutes. I didn't know what was causing the pain and as time went on without relief and with the symptoms seemingly getting worst, plus my occasional dizziness striking at the same time, I started thinking about the possibility of calling 911. I live by myself and didn't want to be found much later possibly dead just because I was trying diagnose myself. It didn't help that I was becoming more anxious as time went on. First I took an aspirin, chewed it, then called 911. Then while waiting for the paramedics to show up, I gathered what I had to bring to the hospital because I was sure that with a complaint of chest pain, I would end up in the emergency room. I got my wallet, keys, and a Men's Health magazine. Can you consider that picking that last last item ironic? Anyway I traded the magazine for this Asus tablet I'm typing on, on my way out the door. Good thing too because that magazine would not have lasted very long in the ER. Besides I've been able to keep in touch with all of you on Facebook.
Well I hope the radiology people show up soon because I'm all tapped out of things to write about and I'm getting bored too. I'd rather have a very slow one hour run than an excruciating wait here in my hospital room. Thanks for all your well wishes my friends.

p.s. My room is located in 2 East Unit which is now a telemetry unit. I used to work in this unit 10 years ago when it was still a dual diagnosis psych unit called New Beginnings. I hope when I get discharged, I will have happy endings.

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