Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reconsidering The ASUS Transformer to Replace the Netbook

          Several weeks after I blogged about keeping on using my ASUS netbook because of its battery life and ability to use the usual familiar Windows programs (The Case for Keeping the Old Netbook), I switched to using the ASUS TFT 101 transformer. Both of those devices I purchased awhile back as refurbished products from thus saving me more than a few bucks.
          Let me tell you why I didn't prefer the tablet at first even though I also have a keyboard dock with it. First, the mouse touchpad was so sensitive that the cursor was jumping all over the place at the slightest touch. I use my devices to type a lot so that was a terrible inconvenience. That is, until I found out through message boards that you can disable the touchpad just by pressing one of the keys on the topmost row of the keyboard. Problem solved. Another thing I didn't like was that I couldn't save directly to Dropbox and that I couldn't copy and paste from the word processor app to the Blogger website or I haven't figured out how to do it yet. For now, I have to do it via the Blogger app which uploads it to the website once I save the document. Those are minor inconveniences I can live with including the slight lag between the moment I hit the letters on the keyboard and when it appears on the screen when using the word processor app.
          As far as surfing the web, there's hardly any difference other than choosing between a mobile enhanced website or using the full website. And as far as accessing my computer at home, the Teamviewer app works just as well on the tablet.
With the keyboard dock, the battery life is increased to as much as 16 hours and I still have the flexibility to detach it if not needed. There is however one glitch that I noticed. After fully charging the tablet and keyboard dock and I leave both attached to each other, the battery drains slowly from the tablet even when the power is off. Again, I found out from message boards that it is a firmware problem that can be updated, but which may work for some but not for others. Since the tablet battery does not drain when detached, the simplest solution of course is just to keep it so until you need to use the keyboard.
          As far as weight is concerned, it feels like the tablet with keyboard weighs as much as the netbook.
          Well, it seem like living in the tablet world is a matter of making adjustments just like one does when changes happen in life.

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