Thursday, May 22, 2014

My New Duties & Responsibilities in Assisted Living

Example of Assisted Living Dining Room
Sunrise NOC Shift Duties (first orientation with: Bertha, Paula, & Alicia)

*Upon arrival, check for area assignment (1 or 2), pick up walkie-talkie, pager, keys, maroon apron.
*First rounds (Q hour for fall risk, Q2 on others), diaper and Chux underpad checks, change as needed. Products in resident's locked cabinet. Encourage others to use bathroom. Check bathroom floor for wet areas. Place dirty clothes in laundry bag and wash if scheduled after providing care. After washing clothes - fold, put away by hanging in closets and drawers (socks and undies).
*For residents who have them, check portable bed rail, body pillows, bed wedges, cushioned floor mats, and reposition as needed.
*Chores (must be done by 0530): clean up dining room area - using chemical spray and small towels, wipe down tables, chairs, baseboards, countertops, window sills.
*Clean kitchen cabinets. Clear dishwasher of dishes and place in cabinets. Fill sugar caddies with sweetener choices and 3 crackers.
*Set table for breakfast: placemat, pyramid napkin, big and small glasses, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 1 knife, coffee cup, flowers.
*Check on residents then return to chores - Wash and clean coffee pots, thermos, yellow pitchers. Also clean salt and pepper shakers.
*Steam table trays - drain, spray and wipe, fill large bowls with water and rinse. Open bottom cabinet & turn orange lever to the right to close drain. Fill each steamer with 2 bowls of water. Disinfect around steam table.
Clean and replace tray items (***what tray items?). Oh, the brown tray at right edge of kitchen countertop, LOL!
*Prepare coffeemakers, fill pitchers with water for hydration (watch out for the cat drinking from the pitchers).
*Set out tongs, slotted spoon, slotted scoop, small yellow bowls on 2 placemats on right side of steam table. *Set yellow plates in steam table trays. Place bags of brown sugar and raisins on the side.
*Fridge - clean thoroughly, check dates on food, write dates on stickers, dispose food or send to kitchen after 3 day expiration. Leave 1 pitcher of juice in fridge and send the rest to kitchen. Clean microwave oven.
*Refill syrup caddy. Rinse trash can lid. Set out 2 pitchers of water beside steamers and bring 1 each to living room and corner of dining room with a glass later.
*Popcorn machine clean up - use wet paper towels. Unplug/remove popper bowl. Wipe inside machine, bottom, disassemble bottom tray and wipe those areas, wipe outside. Wash bowl in sink, keep cord dry. *Reassemble bottom tray and popper bowl.
*Straighten up dining area & put away items like CD's, etc. Clean & remove clutter from snoezelen, bathtique, TV room (organize movies) & restrooms. Put away community towels and other linen in bathtique. Straighten life skills station making sure all items are in place.
*Check on residents. Sign off ISP's. Take collected trash downstairs at 0530 (leave inside if no security, to dumpster if escorted).
*Check residents with wander guards & make sure they have them. Write in maintenance log if anything needs repair. Report to lead care manager any unusual issues. Last resident check at approximately 0430.
*Make coffee for residents and pour in thermos, replace coffee filters and put in new coffee for day shift.
*Clean laundry room, floors, and wipe down all equipment. Clean kitty litter and sweep the area. Replenish cat food, water, & litter. Sweep patio and empty trash can. Clean, sweep, and organize casemanager's office and take out trash.
*Miscellaneous: Edna's place - most are total care, some Q2 hour repositioning, hospital beds (lower after giving care), cushioned floor mats. Washer - open cabinet for bleach/detergent, press right button then left button. Respond to pager as needed. Make sure all linens & and 5 each of green & maroon aprons are clean and ready for next day & wash as needed.

Wow, a lot of the housekeeping I hardly even do during spring cleaning! Now I only have to learn which resident is which and what care they need, and with 1 evening shift and 2 overnight shifts of orientation, I haven't quite caught up yet. This new job has caused some anxiety due to its unfamiliarity, so it's going to be quite an adventure and I hope my new co-workers will be patient with me and give me a chance to learn.

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