Wednesday, July 2, 2014

P.M. Shift Duties and Responsibilities on the Memory Care Neighborhood

Selfie with Moxie :)
This cat has learned to open the door of her owner's suite. The first time she did this in the middle of the night, I thought it was a ghost. She jumps and turns the door handle, opens the door, and wanders around the TV room, dining room, and other resident's rooms. She has been eyeing the main door and trying to escape the neighborhood.

I've been working at this assisted living community for slightly over a month now and a few weeks ago I posted my duties and responsibilities for the overnight shift. This delayed post tells you about what caregivers do on the afternoon/evening shift. Although I'm starting to connect the names with the faces of the residents, I still have to find a better way to mesh or coordinate my duties with the other 3 care managers. Since I only work with them once a week, I'm finding it a little challenging to do that. They have to remind me what I have to do next like when I'm supposed to watch the residents in the TV room who are in risk for falls due to age and balance problems. I also sometimes miss what time I'm supposed to go on my lunch break. At times, I find myself doing what I'm not supposed to do like which type of laundry goes in which bin. Minor mistakes which may not necessarily imperil the residents, but mistakes just the same. I'm constantly learning as I go and I haven't minded being told what to do because my co-workers know much better than I do. Thanks for the help folks.

Here is the list:
*Get report and assignments, pick up walkie talkie, pager, and keys, then locate your residents.

*One care manager as assigned to monitor residents in Living Room at all times.

*Laundry and bath/showers as assigned. Also check dryer for clothes and table linens.

*Note 1: Don't mix soiled sheets, bath towels, clothes (i.e. pooped or peed on) with regular laundry which goes in a separate bin. Placemats and napkins also go in a separate container.

*Note 2: Do not wash female resident's hair during shower to retain the body done in the beauty parlor.

*Before 3 p.m. - pick up hydration supplies + 4 pitchers from 1st floor kitchen, fill with sugarless juice (1 with sugar for breakfast), pick up snacks for Social Activity. Bring up to the Memory Care neighborhood and the separate rear area where residents need more care.

*Offer hydration - i.e. watermelon, fruit cocktail, drinks, etc.

*Check on residents then move clothes from washer to dryer.

*Set up tables in Dining Room in preparation for dinner at 4:30 p.m. : Napkin in middle, 2 forks on left side, spoon, knife, and soup spoon on right side/ 2 glasses: 1 big and 1 small, fill big glass with water.

*Dinner: Inform residents of dinner time and usher them to the dining room/ Give them choice of soup or salad/Present main course choices of 2 hot dishes and 1 cold dish and serve/Present 2 choices for dessert/Serve on left side and pick up on right side of what's being served.

*One care manager fills bowls and plates, one tosses the salad, two serve the residents.

*Start clearing used plates and utensils as soon as the residents finish using them, bring to the sink for rinsing and place in automatic dishwasher. Clear tables with everything else after the meal and launder placemats and napkins. Sweep floor.

*Medications after dinner by medication technician / Lunch break as assigned by lead care manager.

*Check on residents / Continue laundry as assigned, wash, fold, and return to proper owners and hang in closets.

*Prepare residents for bed at approximately 7 p.m. Open up beds, close curtains, set out pajamas, nightgown, pull ups or wrap arounds (diapers). Assist with continence care, mouth care, remind to use bathroom. Needed products are inside locked cabinet. Return inside after use and lock cabinet again. Make sure bed wedge, body pillows, pillow between legs, portable rails are in place.

*Obtain hearing aids, remove battery, take dentures and lock them in resident's cabinet (some need to be kept in office).

*Place resident's dirty clothes in laundry bag behind bathroom door/Empty wastebaskets and replace plastic liners.

*Make sure cabinets in rooms are locked after providing night care.

*Pick up trash and do clean up in common areas and green door bathrooms. Take trash to outdoor dumpster.

*Check on residents (pull ups and wraparounds) to make sure they are clean and dry before shift ends.

*Monitor sundowners for safety and wandering.

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