Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Farewell to Assisted Living

          Wednesday, August 20th is or was (depending on when you read this) officially my last day of working at Sunrise Senior Living of Seal Beach. Although in reality, last Sunday night was my last day of work since I'm off from work for a few days. Because I wasn't able to give them a 2 week notice, I was informed that they may not rehire me if I apply there again in the future. I'm okay with that. Other than the finger injury I got from there (of which I'm still under a doctor's care) and the transient back pain the first few weeks which was relieved by doing lower back workouts, they have treated me fairly well during my short employment there.

My resignation means no more:

·         *Doing loads and loads of laundry which included folding and hanging clothes back in resident's closets
·        * Setting tables before dinner on p.m. shift and before breakfast on noc shift
·         *Serving dinner like a waiter
·         *Clearing and bussing tables after dinner like a busboy
·        * Doing dishes like a dishwasher then putting them away in the kitchen cabinets
·        * Wiping down tables and sweeping the floor like a housekeeper
·         *Keeping the residents entertained like an activity therapist
·         *Giving scheduled showers
·         *Using a mechanical lift to transfer residents to and from bed to wheelchair
·         *On the noc shift - cleaning the refrigerator, popcorn machine, coffeemakers, steam tables, cat litter, refilling cat food and water, and sweeping the carpet with a carpet sweeper. Refilling the sweetener caddies and cleaning the salt and pepper shakers. Waking some resident up every two hours to escort them to the bathroom or check their diapers
·         *Training in passing medications like an LVN without a license
·         *Answering walkie-talkies and pagers
·         *Folding table linens
·         *Dressing residents for bedtime
·         *Taking care of hearing aids and dentures
·         *Picking up trash, emptying waste baskets and replacing the plastic liners
·         *Wearing maroon aprons for resident care and gray/green aprons for serving food
·        * Positioning body pillows, bed wedges, portable bed rails, and cushioned floor mats
·         *etc. for other things I may have forgotten

So even though I will miss my interesting conversations with some of the residents, I will not miss what I listed above so much.
Hey, at least I got a t-shirt out of it!
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