Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gifted But Not Well Guided Runner?

There’s this girl who loves to run and she is a gifted runner despite what seems to have been a late start at the sport. If she had grown up running in high school, I don’t know. She loves running hard, mostly long distances. If I read her posts on Facebook correctly, she pushes her limits all the time. Do you know the Staples “EASY” button? I don’t think she has one. I don’t know her that well so I’m not aware if she has some guidance from any kind of running mentor or coach (which would have helped if she started running in high school). All the people in the club seem to just praise her for her speed and not give her feedback about how she pushes too much without the required easy days. I could of course be wrong about that. As a frequently injured runner myself and not knowing her that well, I’m not in any position to address her training techniques. Not that the techniques are incorrect. They are all good principles but they are not supposed to be done on consecutive days. Normally, an interval session, a tempo session, and a long run during the week comprise of hard workouts with the runs in between as being done as easily as possible to enable the body to recover. I think she even does 2 a day runs and they are both hard ones. I don’t know if this girl is doing it that way but like I said I could be wrong. Now she is injured a second time in about 4 months and people are asking her what happened and what she did. From my point of view the people who are asking her are already well aware of what happened and know the answers to their questions. I’m not saying she’s not going to get injured if she trains properly. All I’m saying is that she trains too hard too often.
G, you gotta push that EASY button sometimes..

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elesig said...

Hi Noel! I read this a while back, but never got a chance to comment on it. I liked it though, and have tried to dial back since becoming injured. It's true, I don't have an "easy" button, but I am learning. I still follow your blog, so keep the entries coming! :)


Noel DLP said...

Thanks G. I can see you are doing really well from the results posted in the AREC newsletter. Keep up the good work and happy running.