Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rejoining the Long Beach Walking Club at Signal Hill

This post is a week late and all because of procrastination. I was checking out the Meet Up group ( for the Long Beach Walking Club two Fridays ago and noticed that more people than usual had signed up for the next day’s 6 mile walk at Signal Hill. Usually only two or three people plus a dog signs up but on that day there were eight of us. Okay, let me change that. The dog named Tiger didn’t sign up. Even though I haven’t walked in four weeks I decided to join them. It was early May since I last walked with them because I went to my running club’s workouts most of the summer. Oops, another mistake. It was last April when I joined and walked with this club (
Now that the Long Beach marathon training program is over for the year, I may workout with the walking club more. This Meet Up group has walks just about every day of the week and sometimes more than once a day, but I’ve only walked with the Saturday morning Signal Hill group so far because of the more challenging course. When I walked with them twice in May, I found the pace a little too slow to achieve a good workout. The other Saturday, I decided to push the pace up the hills then going back to the last walker, which enabled me to stay with the group. On the flats, I just kept pace with them. Pushing the pace uphill made the breathing feel like running, and those few minutes of climbing triggered some endorphins. I wish they had included more uphills on their route. Of course if I wanted to, I could go solo after the 6 miles was done. I just hope my fellow walkers didn’t take offense and think I was showing them up for going faster uphill. Since I haven’t walked for 4 weeks my thighs were sore the next day. The shinsplints also came back which surprisingly doesn’t happen when I run. I mean, when I was still running. I wasn't able to join them the following week because I had to attend a CPR renewal class as a job requirement. All that procrastinating for a post that’s blah. Even the photo above is recycled.
Running uphill at any pace = tough, walking as hard as you can uphill = no so.

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