Monday, October 10, 2011

Working The Long Beach Half Marathon

Well, as I mentioned a few weeks back after finishing a 12 mile walk, I was having difficulty finding someone to work for me on marathon day. I ended up selling my race packet to one of our club members, so instead of waking up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning and toeing the line at the Long Beach Marathon at 7 a.m., I was stuck at work doing my own version of work marathon. We had five admissions that night and I did four of them. That doesn’t really entail much. Just checking their vital signs, having them sign admission papers and checking their belongings. However, the amount of time it took me to do all of those admissions cumulatively, would have been the approximate time it would have taken me to finish the half marathon walk. How’s that for comparison? The difference was that I didn’t breath hard and didn’t sweat while doing the admissions and the calorie burn was negligible. No sports drinks, gels, or bloks required. We were shorthanded that night but thanks to our LVN’s who stepped up to relieve us for our breaks. Five admissions with three behavioral health workers is hard enough. With only two of us, it became more challenging. But just like what I expected to happen in the half marathon if I had walked it, my co-worker and I finished, and both happened in the city of Long Beach. By the way, when I checked my finishing time later, the guy who used my bib number completed the race in 1:57. I thanked him for giving me a sub 9 minute pace. It would have taken me sub 15 minute pace to have walked it otherwise.

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