Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - A Year of Acceptance

2011 was probably the least number of posts I had since I started blogging and all because there was nothing much to write about running. Well, 2012 is here and looking back to what I wrote on January 2, 2010, I mentioned that I had to stop running four times that year because of my worsening ankle tendon problems (Reflections in the Past Year of Not Running). In 2011, it was not about stopping but rather finally learning to accept that running is no longer a regular or routine part of my life. It only took more than two years for my brain to get rewired to realize this. The pleasure I experienced from running can never be duplicated by cycling but if I think about it as just another workout then it feels like a good enough substitute. Heck I didn’t even do any outdoor cycling last year because I figured I got a better workout on the recumbent or spinning bike in lesser time. I also did a lot of brisk walking in the spring and summer, but just like road cycling, that took too much time. It was more efficient to walk at a constant uphill on a treadmill. Sure I’ve tried running a few times but only short distances and they were few and far between. To celebrate the last day of my mostly non-running 2011, I managed to shuffle/walk for a whole hour. I don’t know how many times I was able to run last year. If I am to guess and say 20, that may be too much (this from someone who used to run 365 day a year for 21 plus years). Of course I keep a log, but I don’t look at the whole picture any more. I just take it one workout a day at a time. Being able to maintain an acceptable weight played a  major part of being able to live without running. I was relying too much on running to keep my weight down in spite of overeating. Since I’ve mostly stopped running, I’m learning to eat lesser.
A few months ago, I partially disassembled my elliptical machine and placed it in a corner of my living room. The movements of the workout further irritated my ankles. For those without problems like mine, I’m sure the machine is still a good running substitute.
So what does 2012 look like in terms of working out? I don’t see myself signing up for any more races including my annual visit to the Long Beach Marathon. An occasional short run will have to do, with the majority of my workouts consisting of stationary cycling. In short, more of the same as last year. This is what my body allows and so be it.

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Ewa said...

Running has become quite an integral part of who I am and it seems to be one of the very few things that keep me sane (and my family alive :) ) so I know how hard it must be on you.
Hope your body allows you to do more running this year.
Happy New Year!

Noel DLP said...

Ok, Ewa, you are going to make me cry now...:D , thanks for the nice thought. Happy New Year Happy Sanity!