Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I got home from work Tuesday morning after an uneventful night shift, I did my usual habit of turning the TV on. Nothing happened. Now this TV set has been giving me problems the past two weeks. The first time I try to turn it on, there would be no sound and it would take two or three tries before the audio comes on, but I thought I could live with that minor inconvenience. Then starting last Saturday, the TV wouldn’t turn on at all unless I switched the plug to a different outlet and that went on for a few days until Tuesday morning when that technique didn’t work anymore. This was somewhat surprising because I didn’t see any pixelation problems on the screen but apparently it was giving me clues of its impending death by the loss of audio and subsequently, video. The early demise (it was less than 4 years old) of the TV appears to have been caused by an electrical problem. Woe is me! Now I have to get a replacement which is an unexpected expense, which I hate. It’s not like I have a lot of expendable cash lying around. The brand of the TV is Olevia which isn’t manufactured anymore because the company shut down a few months after I bought the set from Target. Well, it’s out of warranty anyway so I have no recourse but buy a new one and find an electronic recycling center to dispose of the broken one. Any monetary donations accepted to pay for a new TV.
By the way, when I found out that I couldn’t resurrect it from the dead, I posted my loss on Facebook and as you can imagine, I received a few condolences and sympathies. Thanks friends J.

A follow up. I researched the problem on the internet and this is one similar instance that I found in a TV repair message board. I’m copying and pasting this verbatim:
Customer question: My Olevia 42" flat panel just completely died. A few days ago we started having a hard time with volume not coming on when we turned the TV on would take up to 10 times turning it on and off before the volume would come on but the picture was fine and now today I went to turn the TV on and nothing, no picture or sound and the blue light isn't even on. I tried the power switch on the back of the TV but the blue light of front just flickers on and then off. The TV is only a few years old.

Expert’s Answer:
The slow startup, indicates the power supply was beginning to fail (not coming into operating voltage).
With not power indication at all - the power supply has completely failed.
The power supply will have to be replaced. Olevia, is no longer in business; however used or refurbished parts can be obtained to repair the TVs.
A replacement power supply will run about $75, plus labor for repair.
Sorry it is not good news.

Well, it looks like a very common problem for this brand. So long Olevia...

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