Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thoughts for Spring 2012 - Ticks, C rings, Axles

No, not these kind of ticks

When I used to have the newspaper delivered at home, it would be late occasionally. To my surprise this happens with electronic delivery too. I received an email notifying me that the electronic version was ready to read at 12:35 p.m. when I usually get that email at about 6 a.m. Even though the email came late though, the electronic paper was already available at 5 a.m. I was just surprised at how late the email notification came.
Southern California Edison gave me an Amazon gift card for participating in a remote monitoring system for electricity use. What was required was to remain in the program for 3 months. Just as I was about to contact them about it when the 3 month period passed, the gift card came in the mail. It was only for $10 but hey, I’ll take a free 10 bucks any day. So what did I use it for? I’ve always had this tick problem at home and I needed something with no ticks so I could sleep better. So I bought a quiet sweep clock with the Amazon gift card. Now I have a clock that’s quiet and doesn’t tick. Ha! I bet you thought I had bugs in my house!
As part of our admission process in the hospital, we inventory the belongings of patients when they come in. This includes clothing, money, credit cards, and other paraphernalia. Not seeing him wearing a watch, ring, necklace or bracelet, I asked a male patient if he was wearing any jewelry or piercings underneath his clothes. He mentioned that he had a ring in his private area but he was not going to show it to me. I said “It’s okay, I’ll take your word for it”. I didn’t even use the metal detector wand that we have for fear that the magnet would make the ring rise. Does that count as a jewel in his family jewels?
I finally had the broken front axles on my car replaced at a greater than expected reduced cost by going to my neighborhood mechanic which was recommended by my neighborhood smog check station. Thank goodness because other mechanics were quoting me hundreds more. The wobble in my brakes have even subsided significantly after the axle replacement. I asked if they also do ankle replacements. They don’t, so I’ll have to wobble on mine for the rest of my life.
Would you believe that since I turned 55 a few weeks ago I started looking at what Leisure World and Laguna Woods have to offer? Just in case you don’t know, those are retirement communities near Long Beach for people over 55.

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