Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Visit To DD’s

What, you might ask, is DD’s? This one has nothing to do with being developmentally disabled or the preferred term nowadays, developmentally delayed. This is merely an outlet store.
A few weeks ago, a nurse I work with mentioned that the pants she was wearing came from a store called DD’s which I’ve never heard of before. She bought a couple of pairs for $6.00 dollars each. She mentioned that the store sold men’s clothes as well and told me where the stores were located. The nearest one I found on the internet was in the city of Carson. I found out on the web that DD’s was owned by Ross Stores, only the clothes were cheaper than at Ross. On one of my days off, I drove down to the store which was past the Carson Towne Center, Cal State Dominguez Hills, and the Home Depot Center (where the L.A. Galaxy and Chivas soccer teams are based). When I arrived at the store, I went directly to the men’s department to look for pants. Not just any pants, but ones that would match my scrubs because I don’t like wearing scrub pants due to the thin material. I found a couple of pants but before I tried them on, I went to the area where they sell nursing uniforms. Unfortunately all of them were for females. Would you believe that the pants I tried on cost $5.99 and $6.99? They were slightly big at the waist at size 30 (I’m a 29) but the length was just right without further alterations, and the loose waist can be taken cared of with a little belt tightening. Believe me, you can hardly find size 29’s now. Some stores even start at 32 or what should be 32 without vanity sizing. Even though the pants I got were supposed to be irregulars, I couldn’t seen anything irregular about them. One of the workpants even had removable kneepads. These pants make my skinny butt look even smaller though, but that can easily by remedied with a well positioned wallet… or two, to balance things out.
So was DD’s worth the drive to Carson? Yes indeed and it looks like a good place to buy cheap luggage too. Maybe next time, because I only had 20 dollars in my wallet that day, but with two pairs of pants, I even had change left!

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