Friday, October 11, 2013

How To Access Your Work Portal From Home

This website was down on October 9 and 10 and I was surprised that it was back up today. I wrote the instructions below before it went down. I thought that the IT department may have made changes to reflect the change in ownership of PHLB, so I'm surprised that the PHLB domain is still active although the public website no longer exists.

How To Access Your Work Portal From Home

Type this in the address bar of your browser: and you will get this website:

Log in with your usual email username and password then you will get this screen or something similar:

Click: Desktops tab, then on the next screen,

Click: PHLB Desktop 

You will be prompted to download launch or launch ICA which is a temporary software. Make sure you know where in your computer it is being downloaded to.

Go to the folder where the temporary software is located. If you are using Internet Explorer, it might be in the Downloads folder. In Chrome, it might be right at the bottom of your browser.

Click on the software called: launch.ica

Wait for the PHLB Desktop to launch then you will see this on your screen:

Enter your usual email username and password  and you will now see your desktop like you see it when you are at work.

Click on the Internet Explorer icon and you automatically get connected to the portal (
You can now look at the updated information from College Medical Center even though the portal still says

When you are done, click the X on the upper right corner of your screen and you will be prompted to disconnect. Click OK then you get logged off from the portal.

This brings you back to the citrix website. Make sure to click Log Off (upper right area) to sign out from citrix.

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