Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nangka-Nangka Questions

Frequent talks about the upcoming Notre Dame reunion reminded me of a place in my hometown that hardly anyone mentioned in polite company. Everyone in our small town has heard of a place called Nangka-Nangka, which name was derived from a sweet fleshy fruit called nangka, or langka, or jackfruit. It was supposed to be beyond the Philippine Constabulary barracks and it’s golf course and way past the DSXM radio station. There were also supposedly a lot of komodo dragons near that area. Nangka-Nangka  was talked about but never seen by us because we were very young  then. It was a place where you supposedly could partake of the sweet nectar of prostitutes, maybe not unlike the sweetness of the fruit the place is named after, except using a different organ . Here are my questions which I hope someone can supply the answers to:

Has anyone reading this have actually been there ?

What does the place look like?

Did it really exist and does it still exist?

If so, where would they do the sex act?

Were there houses or rooms that you can rent by the hour?

Was it like the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,  the Chicken Ranch in Las Vegas, or even the Red Light District of Amsterdam?

Were the women independent agents or did they have a pimp?

What did the women look like?

If anyone of you has been a customer, what was it like and how often did you go?

Can any of my townmates answer these questions based on experience or hearsay? Maybe my batchmates can have a roundtable discussion about it during the reunion.

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