Monday, September 26, 2011

Recent Good Movies Watched

The Whistleblower
Macbeth (PBS)
Jane Eyre
The Beaver
The Music Never Stopped
Oranges and Sunshine
The Tree of Life
These were movies that touched me emotionally. Some made me angry, others made me laugh, or drove me to the verge of tears. I mostly enjoyed the dialogue, other than Macbeth which was strange because it used Shakespeare’s language while set in World War 2. Incendies is a film set in the Middle East that had a twist at the end. Let me see if I can get this right because it's a little complicated. A mother's will asks the twin son and daughter to go to the country where the mother was born to find an older son she gave up for adoption. In the end, the older son turns out to be the father and the brother of the twins. Confusing? You will have to watch that great film yourself. You can of course look up reviews on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.
By the way, why is it when actors throw up in the movie they always touch the rim of the toilet bowl? Even if it was the cleanest toilet by sight in the world, I wouldn’t touch it if I had to throw up. Another thing is nurses always seem to work round the clock – day, evening, night shifts without leaving the hospital or having a day off. Hospitals always have dark corridors. You go to a real hospital, it’s never dark in the hallways. And did you notice that car windows are never dirty? Too much artistic license, I say.
About The Tree of life – my coworker didn’t like it, but because of his impression and after reading a synopsis, I watched it and was able to understand what was going on. I don’t think my coworker made the connection between the father, the son, and what I think is the other son who supposedly died in the Vietnam war. It also shows the evolutionary process at the start.
I recommend all of the above other than Macbeth, but if you are into an alternative Shakespeare experience, you may enjoy that too. While watching a movie and I see an interesting scene, I sometimes feel like clicking the “Like” button ala Facebook, but there is none, of course.

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