Monday, May 21, 2012

American Idol Finale: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips

Another delayed take on last week’s American Idol results.
Before the final three last week, I found this article from the Christian Science Monitor: In short, it says the Jessica has the most Twitter followers and You Tube views among the contestants and questions whether those numbers also reflect her popularity among voters. My unqualified opinion is that those Twitter followers and You Tube views are mostly coming from the Philippines.
So here we are with the final two on American Idol: it's going to be the chicks for Philip Phillips against the Mexicans and Flips for Jessica Sanchez this week. Joshua the screamer is gone despite being the judges’ favorite, but I'm sure he is going to get a very nice recording contract. That just goes to show you though, that it's not the number of standing ovations one gets from the judges but the number of votes from the fans. As if you didn’t already know that, LOL. Word out there indicates that people from other countries have been able to vote but I have barely any knowledge of how they are able to do that and how many actually get through by phone or online.
Of course, there are the conspiracy theories out there claiming racial discrimination by some pundits and fans. Let me add to it – American Idol is trying to confuse voters from other countries who have managed to game the system so far by switching the finale to Tuesday this week! Let’s hope the regular voters got that update.
          I have a question by the way. How come Phillip Phillips doesn’t participate in the commercials? How can he get away with that? Isn’t that one of the terms and conditions for joining the contest? Please enlighten me.

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Anonymous said...

To my knowledge votes from overseas cannot register unless they have a US area code. Same for online voting. Voters outside of US think their votes get registered but they don't. Now, don't underestimate Jessica's avid fans. I live in the East Coast and travel a great deal for my job. Jessica has avid fans across the east coast and Texas, California, Hawaii, not to mention her fans among the US Navy brats in the US with whom she is popular with because of her father being in the Navy. Please don't be biased. I think Jessica's vocal ability is comparable with Joshua however personally, I prefer listening to a more tender voice than a lot of screaming from Joshua. Nevertheless, we all know Phillip will win this competition, just like the Idol winners before him because he is WGWG. That's why I don't watch Idol because year after year that's what Idol fans vote for.

Anonymous said...

You are so right year after we get white boy with gulitar, joshua was much better singer, did you forget you got differant viewing audience, joshua singggggggg not scream thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noel DLP said...

Thanks for your input guys. Until today, I didn't know what WGWG was and I had to look it up in, LOL! That's the beauty of competitions like AI because the fans each have their own favorites to vote for. I appreciate your comments.