Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Impressions and Why Elise Testone Was Constantly in the Bottom 3

Before this week’s episode of American Idol commences, I thought I’d give my delayed impression of what has been happening so far. Just be forewarned that portions of this opinion will be politically incorrect, harsh, and possibly controversial.
First, the reason why I think Elise Testone is constantly in the bottom three is because she doesn’t have the pop star look regardless of how well she sings. Interpret that as you like. But then if looks were the only reason why people vote then Colton and Deandre would still be in the competition. Deandre wasn’t as good as the remaining singers of course and Colton was scary looking while singing during the week that he was eliminated.
The rest of the remaining best and what I think is the reason why they are still in the running: Skylar has the NASCAR nation vote because she specializes in Country music. Philip continues to have the female vote even though I think he lacks range. Maybe even Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend votes for him. Jessica has the Filipino and (hopefully) Mexican vote. Her dad is Hispanic. I think voters became apathetic a couple of weeks ago when she got the least votes. Regarding my impression in my previous American Idol post about her lacking emotion? Maybe she’s just young. Joshua has been screaming a lot lately which I guess the judges like because it’s a rousing rendition of the song. I like Josh as a person as far as how he portrays himself on TV as being empathetic to the other contestants. As far as Hollie, I haven’t figured out who would be voting for her. Based on her last song, maybe Miley Cyrus fans?
I miss Simon Cowell’s acerbic but honest remarks. Jimmy’s comments are good but not immediate. He has the pleasure of watching it on playback after the show and maybe a day later. As much as I hope Jessica would win, I think Joshua is going to take the cake at the end. OMG, since when did I get so involved in this?! That’s all folks!

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