Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Last Word on American Idol 2012

By this time, everybody would have beaten this dead horse with a stick. Please allow me to add my own stick.
Well, there it is, Phillip Phillips won and congratulations to him, his fans, and his voters. If he is too bashful to participate in the Ford commercials, let’s see how he does in promoting his records… I mean CD’s. I’m not sure if the West Coasters voted enough for Jessica because according to my dialing experience the night of the finale, after 9 p.m. California time, it was easier to get through on the phone lines. Ok, so Jessica Sanchez didn’t win, but let’s not forget that she would not have reached the final two without the judges’ save and the people who rallied to vote for her afterwards.
I apologize for criticizing the pained look on his face when Phillip sang and his non-participation in the Ford commercials. Apparently he was in real pain lots of times due to kidney stones. Anyone who have had that same problem knows how debilitating that can be.
I mentioned in one of my previous posts that according to the Christian Science Monitor, if overall tweets and  You Tube hits translated to votes for Jessica, then she would win the competition. Another newspaper agency analyzed the numbers after the final vote and found out that Jessica had overall the most number of tweets that originated from the Philippines, the U.S., and elsewhere. Well, the Philippines and elsewhere didn’t count. If only the tweets in the U.S. were considered, Phillip won that one. The same can be said about telephone voting because another website that tracked busy phone lines of the two finalists indicated that Phillip had the most calls.
As much as we are disappointed in the results and that a lot of people were right when they said that only a WGWG would win, let’s just say that we had taken Jessica to as far as we could take her with our votes. That’s the best we could do. And to those who say that she did not win because of racial discrimination, I have two words for you: Barack Obama.
And this final note – would you believe that some people still have a mistaken notion that Simon Cowell is still involved or connected with American Idol?! Nuts! OMG, how did I get so involved in this??? Next up: So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). Do you think they would have a Filipino finalist? I remember they had one the other year…

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