Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recent Changes In This Blog

***I just need to write an addendum here. While I was writing this entry, Google Adsense was still working but right after I posted this, it suddenly disappeared. I don't know what happened or if Google suspended my account again for whatever reason.
If you have visited this blog lately, you may have noticed that I got advertisements from Google Adsense back. They suspended my previous account for clicking on my own ads which was a no-no with their terms of service. So I lost the $10.00 I earned on that account. However they allow you to use another account by using a different email address. Since I’m getting a few more hits on the blog in recent months (thanks to my Facebook friends), I hope the people who read it find some ads interesting and click on them. I’ve also been using Infolinks for advertising. They are the ones you see highlighted in green and ads pop open when you put your cursor on the word. I started using Infolinks after Google suspended my account.
I’ve also added some widgets. If you notice on the left column, there is an area to share the blog on Twitter and Facebook, a list of people I follow and people that follow me, plus something named Feedjit which tracks where someone came from when they visited my blog. It is interesting to see what part of the world the readers came from, how they found you, and if you click on the Feedjit website, you can also see what browser and operating system their computers have. You can see it for yourself here: and you will probably see your city and country of origin on the topmost of the list.
What hasn’t changed are the archives and the useless knowledge widget. I’ve read some running blogs recently and their pages are all enviably much better dressed up than mine. Maybe if I can find nicer templates… For now, everything is all good because I don’t want to clutter the page too much that it distracts from what I’m writing about.

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Noel DLP said...

Darn! Just as I finished posting this entry, Google Adsense disappeared again! What did I do wrong now???