Monday, March 15, 2010

A Vitamin D Run

Having confined myself to indoor workouts last week due to problems with dizziness and lightheadedness, I finally decided last Saturday morning to go outdoors and soak up some vitamin D from the suns’ rays. I ran on a very familiar route around the Rancho Los Cerritos area. As I entered the street going into the Rancho (it’s actually a home museum), whom do I see but none other than Thom L., proprietor of Runner’s High store in Belmont Shore. I wondered what he was doing in that part of town since I think he lives in Seal Beach. I didn’t get the chance to ask him because by the time I turned around he was too far to catch and no matter how much faster I tried to run, he was way too fast. My one hour vitamin D run went surprisingly well considering how yucky I had been feeling the whole week. I may be developing adult onset diabetes because after seeing the doctor last Thursday and getting some blood tests done, my blood sugar was found to be slightly elevated. Regarding the run itself, I was able to do some unorganized pace pickups like a Fartlek workout and even managed to go into oxygen debt towards the end and had to slow to a jog for a few minutes before being able to resume my regular stride and finish the hour. I ended the run with strains of Sheryl Crow’s song “I’m gonna soak up the sun” playing in my head.

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