Thursday, March 11, 2010

My New Toy/Torture Device

My new elliptical trainer was delivered on March 11th   (Yipee!!!). Actually it was supposed to arrive March 10th but I didn’t hear the delivery person knocking because I was asleep in the daytime after coming off the night shift from the asylum. So I had to wait the next day for redelivery. Oh well, just another delayed gratification.

After waiting all morning and part of the afternoon, the UPS guy finally knocked on my door and asked if I can help him lift the box up one flight of stairs and I said yes. I was surprised to see how bulky the box was and it weighed about 120 pounds. Initially, he wanted us to just lift the box but I convinced him to use the dolly and I had him pulling upwards while I pushed from below.
 The first thing I looked for upon opening the box was the instruction manual to find the customer service number.  I just wanted to pay someone else to assemble it just like my treadmill but it appeared that they didn’t have that service. Customer service was closed for the day when I called and was not available till the next day. After reading the assembly instructions, I decided to attempt doing it myself. I remembered how the guy who assembled my treadmill organized himself and I did the same. First, I sorted out the nuts, bolts, screws, and washers. Then I laid out the parts of the elliptical trainer on the floor. From that point on, it was just identifying which parts connected where and with what screw/bolt/nut/washer. After about a couple of hours, I had the machine assembled and saved myself some money by not hiring someone else to do it J. I had underestimated my mechanical ability again. At the end, I found an extra nut : it was me. This nut will be attached to the elliptical trainer tomorrow for a trial workout.

Oh I forgot, the machine can be plugged into an electric outlet but I couldn’t find where the cord connects to the machine initially. I thought it was on the display console which would have been logical, but it wasn’t there. After searching high and low around the machine, I stuck the plug into a hole at the  front of the machine and I was surprised that it fit. But I still wasn’t sure until I plugged the other end in the electric outlet and that’s when the machine came alive. Assembly finally completed!

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