Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things I Did On My Days Off Last Week

It was time for my biennial car smog check so I had that taken cared off last Wednesday and also had the oil changed along with the air filter which hasn’t been replaced since I’ve had this car in 1998. The next day I paid my car registration. Online payments make it so easy, no lining up at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office or renewal forms to mail so fuel, time, postage and paper are saved. The results of the smog check are also forwarded to the DMV electronically. Yes, my trusty old, dinged, and dented 1998 Honda Civic is old by American standards but it has never given me a problem so I haven’t found a reason to replace it especially in these tight economic times and since I haven’t worked overtime in about 7 years. So I don’t even aspire to buy a new set of wheels because there is no extra cash lying around.
I received my census questionnaire last week and noticed that it was addressed to the correct Zip Code but wrong city. A couple of days later the newspaper had an article about it. I filled out the form and mailed it in.  Something else came in the mail. It was my absentee ballot for the Long Beach city elections. I picked the officials I thought would get the job done and mailed that out along with my census form.
So, on my days off, I did my civic duty by completing the census form and voting, and dutifully did my Honda Civic good by having it serviced. How about that for a lesson about civics? How can I almost forget? I also went to see my doctor for my dizziness problems as previously mentioned in another post and finally got a diagnosis of fluid in the ears. Next up: the dentist and the barber.

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