Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rabies, Anyone?

Well, I got nicked by my neighbor’s dog last Wednesday afternoon when I tried to get its water bowl to fill it up, because she and her newborn puppy looked thirsty and were licking moisture from the cement. Just minutes prior, I was petting them but when I went to get the water bowl from inside the fence, the dog tried to bite me and as I mentioned above, I got nicked on my left shin. I rushed back up to my place and washed the scratches with soap and water. There were two slightly bloody marks, more like abrasions, but no puncture wounds. Still concerned about rabies I looked it up on the internet. I knew for sure that my neighbor rescued the dog from a CVS Pharmacy parking lot and it was already pregnant. The baby was born in my neighbor’s yard later. But I didn’t know if the dog had its anti rabies shots and my neighbor wasn’t home. Two days later I still hadn’t seen my neighbor so I finally called my doctor to consult with him. The medical assistant asked me if the dog was a stray and I told her what I knew about it. She gave me an appointment the same day. About half an hour before I went to see the doctor, I saw my neighbor and she told me she found out from animal control that the dog was registered and had its shots. Whew! What a relief! But I went to see my doctor anyway to have the wound checked. All he recommended was for me to get a tetanus shot. Unfortunately, they ran out, so this week, I have to call them back to find out if they have a new supply. In the meantime, I’m monitoring the dog every day to see if its behavior has radically changed (info on the web said to monitor for 10 days). If any of you see me drooling and snarling, or acting more strangely than I already am, please call 911 because I may be infected and about to bite you.
On a different note, also last Wednesday, I turned on my back up laptop computer and what do I see but almost all of the right side of the screen displayed horizontal, vertical, and squiggly lines, much like visual static, if there is such a thing. I rebooted but it didn’t correct the problem. When I connected it to an external monitor the whole desktop was visible, so the LCD monitor itself is damaged. Darn! First the dog bite, now the computer! Why me??? Oh, well, that’s life… At least the computer still works in spite of the screen, and I haven’t bitten anybody yet either.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure you have not drooled over your LCD monitor while writing this entry?

Anonymous said...

Your live traffic feed is messed up... I'm a visitor from Quezon City... and where the heck is Quezon, Nueva Ecija? hahaha!

Noel DLP said...

Ha! That might be it, Larry! What are you doing in Nueva Ecija?

Noel DLP said...

Heck if I know, I was curious about that.