Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being a Couch Potato, etc.

Great! Another excuse to becoming a couch potato. The new cordless mouse which I bought on Black Friday has a range that reaches from the computer desk to the coffee table in the living room. No more having to get up from the couch to pause the movies that I’m watching, or to click ‘like’ on Facebook. See, my laptop is connected to my big screen TV. Oh, the mouse? It came from Staples Office Supplies and that’s my only surrender to the Black Friday madness and only because Walmart was out of the $198 laptop and $99 19 inch TV.
Why was I even looking for the TV or the laptop computer when I already have those? I don’t remember if I mentioned before that my back up laptop screen is damaged so either I needed a new really cheap computer like Walmart had or a TV with a VGA input I can connect my broken computer to. Why not just a regular flat screen monitor? Because a 19 inch monitor cost almost as much as a 19 inch TV, so I might as well buy a dual purpose device. Since my choices weren’t available, my last option was way more affordable as seen in this photo: . I bought a laptop table on sale instead, which I can position near my bedroom TV. See the broken monitor on the bottom and the clear image on the TV? I just set the dual display setting on the computer so the output goes to the TV too. Problem solved.

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