Monday, December 13, 2010

A Delayed Christmas Shopping With Certain Advantages

My co-worker asked me last week if I was ready for Christmas and I told her I was not. I already knew I was going to be slightly delayed this year and all having to do with money (or lack thereof) management. Although I’ve already purchased my Christmas cards, gifts were another matter altogether. The only gift buying I do is in the form of cards. Did you know that thieves can copy the serial numbers of those cards, then check them online frequently if they are activated then do their stealing/shopping? When your recipients try to use the cards that you gave them, they find out that the funds have already been spent. What’s this, a public service announcement??? Anyway, I hope none of the ones I’m buying has that problem.
So I’ve been taking a glance at the gift cards when I shop at the grocery store to get an idea on the choices available and what do I see but Farmville gift cards. Really?! What will they think of next? No, I didn’t plan on buying one of those. Anyway regarding the money management aspect, here is the explanation. It has something to do with the next billing period of my credit card. Having had to charge the insurance co-pay for my emergency room visit 3 weeks ago to my credit card placed a slight crimp on my budget, so I had to wait for the next billing period before I wanted to use it again.
This past week, Albertson’s grocery store had a special offer. When you buy $100.00 worth of gift cards, they give you a $20 coupon good for your next shopping visit (with certain restrictions). You can receive as many as five of those coupons if your heart and wallet desire to buy $500 worth of gift cards. This offer was supposed to expire on December 12th. The new billing period for my credit card also started on the 12th so off to Albertson’s I went for my Christmas gift shopping. After picking out some choices for the kids and a few others for adults, my shopping was done for the year, while also getting two of the $20 coupons to boot. Payment for the credit card will be due February of next year. Now I’m ready for Christmas.

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