Friday, December 17, 2010

Stomach Expansion

Ever experienced this problem? You overeat at a party (in this case, Thanksgiving),so much so that it distends your stomach and during the next several days, your stomach seems to have gained extra capacity, and you tend to eat more before you feel full. Well this happened to me this past couple of weeks and I’ve been trying to fight off the lack of satiety, and not too successfully at times. The food was so tasty at the party that I overate beyond the point of fullness, which was an uncomfortable feeling in itself. Sometimes it’s hard to stop what your tongue wants to taste even though you are uncomfortably full already. Maybe I should blame my cousin for being such a good cook and preparing all those culinary delights that my eyes, tongue and stomach couldn’t resist. Perhaps I should lie and say that she put a gun to my head and forced me to eat.
I have a similar experience when carbo loading. In an effort to bump up the glycogen levels in the muscles, there is a tendency to overeat with the excuse that I’m going to burn off those calories in the marathon anyway. The trouble is that I continue to eat more than usual in the days after a marathon because my stomach capacity had expanded and it takes several weeks for the eating to normalize to pre-marathon levels. For those non-exercisers who read this, even some endurance sports participants also have to deal with diet matters.
                By the way, here is something I was wondering about: In your experience, has it been more difficult to shed weight during the winter than the summer? Is it nature’s way of protecting the body from the winter cold by storing more fat?

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