Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to Non-running :(

Well I haven’t run since last Saturday and not because of the rain. My right ankle tendon still feels loose (as in overstretched) and painful when I bear weight on it. My left ankle feels a little better, thankfully. Remember, the right ankle is the one I tweaked while taking a step in my living room hours after having run 10 miles non-stop on Saturday. It felt good on Sunday but I got silly and did a few jumping jacks at work and that aggravated the problem. Maybe I’ll use the soft brace again when I go to work tonight.

I really wanted to run today since there was a break this morning between yesterday’s torrential rain and the next storm which is expected this afternoon (it’s afternoon now as I continue to add to and edit this blog, there was even a tornado a couple of hours ago), but upon waking up and taking a few tentative steps and feeling pain, I deep sixed the idea of running. The exercise equipment I have in my living room has been getting quite a workout the last few days even though it doesn’t feel like I am able to generate the same intensity I get from running. Maybe because I like to read while using them.

I’ve iced my right ankle three times today already but I’m not getting any relief. It’s going to be day to day and I don’t know when I can run again. I’ve dealt with this twice before so there might be hope that I can come back from this latest setback. It will have to be back to the run/walk whenever that happens, but first I need to have the pain subside first. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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