Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doing Without Orthotics and Logbooks

So there’s this experiment I’m doing with my new running shoes. In the past week and a half, I’ve tried running without my custom orthotics, with mixed results. The day after running 10 miles on December 27th with orthotics in older shoes, I ran a second consecutive day (which rarely happens nowadays) on Monday with the new shoes, sans orthotics. It was only 36 minutes long and my ankles actually felt good afterwards for a couple of days. I tried doing it again last Thursday for 55 minutes and the result was not so good that time. Both my ankles hurt like crazy including my left knee. I guesstimate that the pain started around 40 minutes. So it was back to the orthotics during the 14 mile run last Saturday. On Tuesday, January 5th, I did an hour run (4 minute run/1 minute walk intervals) without the orthotics again and I didn’t seem to suffer any adverse effects. I’m beginning to ponder whether it is possible to have too much support by wearing orthotics inside a motion control shoe. So far the results have been mixed so I will be experimenting further without orthotics during the shorter runs to find out if my ankles can develop a tolerance to the pain without aggravating my ankle tendonitis.

One thing I didn’t have to do this New Year’s Day was rush out to the mall to buy a running logbook from a bookstore. They usually cut the price in half on New Year’s Day like they do with other calendars, but the store is usually out of them by the time I get there. Who knew that running logbooks would be so popular? Or maybe, the bookstores just don’t order a lot of them because they are not very popular. Starting last year, I stopped buying the logbook and made up a rudimentary one of my own, based on a template I found on the internet, which is in Microsoft Word format. It works just as well in digital form and I can print it out if I want to.

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Rene' Dierking said...

I too have worn my orthotics with motion control shoes but incurred a stress fracture in my left tibia last year that was quite painful. I was told by a running shoe store that a neutral shoe is the way to go with orthotics as the gait is adjusted with the orthotics and not needed for the shoe. I am now trying to wean myself from orthotic use as I am thinking it might be what caused my injury to my leg in the first place.