Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exercise Equipment Tidbits

The tires on my bike has been losing some air lately and I couldn’t seem to pump it back to its full capacity with the mini pump I have, so I bought a full sized floor pump last week. It took me a few minutes to figure out the Presta valve on the tire. You have to loosen a thingamajig before you can pump air in. Could that be the reason why I couldn’t pump air with the mini pump?
My more than a decade old exercise mat had started falling apart so I bought a new one and I hope it lasts just as long. I use the mat to do sit ups, crunches, twists, leg raises, and pushups. The old mat had foam in it which helped my body bounce back up, let’s say, when I’m doing sit ups. The new mat appears to be some kind of rubber material that doesn’t enable my body to bounce. That brings the end to my cheating when doing those floor exercises.
With my dizzy spells, I have been avoiding the inclined bench press with a barbell because after so many repetitions, I’m straining so hard that I’m afraid I might pass out before I could return the barbell on the rack. Living alone, I don’t have anybody to spot me and I would end up crushing my chest, or my head, or getting pinned by the barbell on the bench. I switched to dumbbell flies and presses instead. A few days ago, I lowered the weight and rack to the lowest level and found out that I can still do a flat bench press with lesser danger than the inclined press, although I can’t maximize the repetitions to the point of failure any more.
You know those special push up handles they are selling nowadays? I don’t have one but I use a couple of dumbbells to do the same exercise which stretches the chest muscles more than regular floor pushups.
I was thinking of buying a cheap spinning bike last week but I had to wait for the next billing period of my credit card. I’m glad I had to wait because the urge to buy has passed. Besides, the store cancelled free shipping after Labor Day. My upright stationary bike will suffice.

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