Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jogging In Place

               Another short blog but with a question to people who run. What type of runner are you? When you encounter a stop light at an intersection, do you make a complete stop, or do you jog in place until the light turns green and continue forward? Do you think it looks silly to do that? I used to jog in place a very long time ago when I didn’t have a digital watch. Maybe even when I got one of those things, I might still have jogged in place after clicking the stopwatch off. At a certain point in time and for whatever reason, I stopped the jog-in-place jig. The only reason I’m writing about this is because on Sunday afternoon, I saw a male and female runner jogging in place while waiting for cars to pass by. During my training runs with the AREC club, I have never seen any one of my fellow runners jog in place at street intersections. I guess we’d all rather save our energy by stopping to catch our breath rather than engage in an activity that doesn’t propel us towards our destination. Of course jogging in place burns a few more calories and probably helps keep one’s momentum going because some people lose rhythm when they come to a complete stop. So anyone who reads this, please tell me which type of runner you are. Thanks.

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