Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little Bit Up, A Lot More Down

Ok, ok, nothing worth anything to write about since last weekend and when something finally comes up, it falls under too much drama with my running life. The high from last Saturday’s run has suddenly dropped to a resounding thud. Remember I mentioned in that post I felt a developing cramp on my right calf? After a couple of days rest, I tried to run again on Tuesday and there was still a lingering pain on the calf. As I approached 20 minutes, the calf began to hurt badly. Hoping to work out the kink as I was able to do last Saturday, I kept going but I couldn’t proceed after 25 minutes because of the sharp, stabbing pain. I had to walk the rest of the way back to my car. The pain wasn’t so bad when I was walking but as soon as I stopped and when whatever endorphins my body managed to manufacture in the short 25 minutes of running stopped working, it hurt like hell! I’ve been hobbling around my place and I’ve iced the calf a couple of times without any relief. The pain was on and off while at work depending on how the calf muscle flexed. I don’t think it was a developing cramp anymore but more like a muscle pull, strain, or worse, a tear. It’s going to be a few more weeks being laid off from running while the muscle heals. I’ve been riding the bike lesser since I restarted running a couple of weeks ago and I will have to ride more again. At least I have other options and the equipment is already available. As far as training for the Long Beach Marathon or Half Marathon, well, I may have to put that off this year and maybe request the organizers to transfer my entry to next year.
 What is surprising is that I have never had a calf injury before. I’ve hurt my hip, butt, knee, iliotibial band, ankle, and Achilles tendons numerous times in the past, but never the calves. I’ll chalk this up as a freak injury because I don’t know how it could have happened when I’m not exactly running hard enough to strain something. It will heal eventually and I will run again. It’s just a matter of time. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of my situation even though it can be a sad one. It’s almost like a roller coaster ride but mostly going down lately.
After a day of consideration, I visited the Long Beach Marathon website ( to find out the procedure to rollover my entry from this year to next year. To my consternation, the deadline was on August 31st so that means my entry fee is gone since they don’t give refunds either. I emailed the contact person anyway appealing and hoping for dispensation.
Well, another injury timeout with R &R (rehab and recovery) for the next few weeks.

             Update: I just received a response from Bart Davis of Run Racing, the organizer of the Long Beach Marathon and in his email he said: “Because you are a member of AREC and I think that you guys are the best, I’ll be happy to do this for you.  Make sure and let the AREC crew know how much we appreciate you all!
 Your registration into the 2010 Long Beach International City Bank Marathon has now been rolled over to 2011.
Thank you so very much Bart!!! I’ll pass on the message to the AREC crew and how you and Run Racing has been very considerate despite my tardy request.
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