Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Creative Running?

What?! A blogpost about running?! With ankle tendons not cooperating very much in the past year, one has to become more creative in attempting to do a running workout. Case in point last Friday morning’s attempt: I left the GPS watch at home so I didn’t have the pressure of picking up the pace. So with every effort made not to pound the ground too hard, I jogged non-stop very, very slowly for 30 minutes after which I walked easily for one minute, walked briskly while swinging my arms for another minute, then jogged again for one minute, repeating the three minute cycle until I finished a whole hour. The result? My ankles were mildly sore afterwards but didn’t feel like I overdid it. A couple of days later, with a similar strategy, I was able to jog non-stop for 40 minutes and to finish the hour, I managed to alternate one minute intervals of jogging and walking. I don’t know why I call it jogging. To me that word means bouncing up and down more than going forward. What I did was more shuffling than jogging or running. At least I was finally able to do an outdoor workout. One needs to do whatever needs to be done to satisfy one’s endorphin cravings without going over the top and hurting oneself any worse. I’ve become a short distance shuffler.

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