Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hypermiling the Buck

          According to Wikipedia, hypermiling is defined by the New Oxford American dictionary as the attempt to maximize gas mileage by making fuel conserving adjustments to one’s vehicle and one’s driving techniques.
This has nothing to do with driving. Also nothing to do with having a deer run long distances until it collapses from exhaustion. I just like the way hypermiling sounds to describe how I haven’t had to visit an ATM machine for more than a month because of money conserving adjustments I was able to make since selling my old netbook and fixing another, both of which enabled me to earn some money. I earned $190 from those two ventures which may be a paltry sum to better earning people, but not to me. Between food, beverages, higher priced gasoline, and miscellaneous expenses like adding a load of $20 to my prepaid cell phone to call Mama on Mother's Day, $190 + $80 from my last withdrawal should not normally last for 37 days. My last ATM withdrawal was on April 11th. As of this writing (5-18-11), I still have $21 left in my wallet. I’m not the type who micromanages my expenses, so I can’t really explain how I managed to stretch the dollar for so long. I’m just not a big spender. If I can only earn some more money fixing computers, I may not have to visit at ATM machine any time soon. Of course that’s just wishful thinking. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a living doing just that. By the way, as my former classmate in the Philippines mentioned on Facebook recently, the peso equivalent of $190 would almost buy you a new desktop computer there. How far and how long would $190 go for you under normal circumstances (no emergency expenses)? My average expenses for those 37 days was $7.29 a day compared to the usual $11.42. Just slightly more than one of Starbuck’s large flavored coffees, I’m guessing.

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