Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bathroom Mirror, Flat Tire, Surrogates

This is a short follow up to my previous post ( I forgot to tell you about the bathroom (or as they say in the Philippines - CR) in my friend’s hotel room where I visited her last week . It is similar to the picture above. This may not make too much difference for women, but for men it might feel strange. I’ve used bathrooms with a newspaper, cartoon, or painting on the wall behind the urinal or toilet bowl is but in this hotel room the vanity mirror extends from the sink to the area of the toilet bowl. So, as a man pees, he could see himself in all of his glory with liquid coming out of his nether regions. I found that very, very strange indeed. I’ve seen myself undressed in front of the mirror of course, but never while whizzing.
There was an unfortunate incident after the visit. I discovered the next day when I was about to leave for work that I had gotten a flat tire. There were a lot of potholes on Century Boulevard but I think I got the flat about a mile away from home on Del Amo Boulevard, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it back home if it was farther. A piece of metal had sliced through the tire and inner tube. Unfortunately the GPS doesn’t detect dangerous road debris. I ended up being late for work but only by 22 minutes because AAA was quick to the rescue.
After getting a chance to babysit the two year old boy with my visiting friend, our other friends from the Philippines chided me that it was about time that I had my own children. I asked them if they wanted to volunteer their wombs. I guess they would have to ask their husbands about that first.

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