Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Thoughts From Summer to Early Winter 2011

From this turkey of a blogger to you: Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some random thoughts and observations over the last three months.
After retitling this blog a few month ago, it took a while before it started getting hits again. Under the previous title the most hits were on the topic of Virgin Mobile phones. Nowadays, most visited topics are about free laundry, wired on Starbucks, and tricks of the cable internet trade.
One night at work, an ambulance brought in a patient from another hospital but they forgot to bring the legal and medical papers with them. We could not legally admit the patient under those circumstances so the ambulance had to take the patient back to the previous hospital to pick up what they missed. They were back a couple of hours later with the patient and all the necessary papers but they forgot to bring the patients’ belongings. So now we have to wait till the morning before the belongings could be forwarded to us by the other hospital. I’m surprised those ambulance drivers didn’t forget to bring the patient himself! In the meantime, the insurance company is being billed for the three back and forth trips. I don’t know whose fault it is: the ambulance EMT’s or the staff at the other hospital.
During the summer, a car alarm kept blaring every few minutes in the parking lot where I live. It took me awhile to find it and when I did, I left a note on the windshield to please decrease the sensitivity of the alarm because even  just a minimum of shaking or a mild gust of wind set it off. Heck, it would even go off when  plane flies overhead! It took a couple of notes before the alarms sensitivity was adjusted to the desired level.
I don’t know if this applies to you, but I find it easier and faster to type in English than other languages.
It appears that I’ve developed a mild lisp due to the partial dentures that I acquired a few months ago.
I was rummaging through my cabinets awhile ago and finally got rid of mid thigh shorts that were still fashionable for running not more than five years go before long shorts became more the accepted norm for men.
Cats have been spraying on my door again. If only they could read, I’d put a sign on the door saying “stop spraying, I don’t have a cat any more”. I could never catch them in the act.
I had to renew my CPR training last month and there are some changes in technique.  Faster compressions is the key and you can do without the mouth to mouth breathing. However using the AED (automated external defibrillator) with chest compressions seems like a very frantic exercise. What happens when you forget how many sequences you’ve done? The idea is to keep going  non-stop until the paramedics with advanced life support takes over.
Life’s little inconvenience – my 30 year old microwave oven gave up the ghost just in time for Halloween. Not even CPR or and AED could have brought it back to life. I previously wrote about that oven here:
 Here is an extra exercise I do once in awhile -  dancing to the end of a song while watching a singing or dancing competition on TV in the privacy of my living room. Well, some semblance of dancing anyway. Closer to what Elaine used to do on Seinfeld.
When I strain my muscles or joints lifting free weights (which happens so frequently now), I turn to body weight exercises like pushups and pull ups or use rubber tubing which is gentler to my connective tissues.
Do your Facebook friends post a lot of religious stuff? Friends from the Philippines certainly do regardless of whether they are Catholic, Muslim, or Mormon. In the U.S., hardly any other than the Flips who live here. That just shows that the Filipino people are religious regardless of where they live on this earth.
Really?! Queso de Bola is edam cheese? Queso de Bola is often given as a family Christmas gift in the Philippines. I just recently discovered that it is a type of stinky edam cheese. I thought my only encounter with edam cheese was through crossword puzzles. Well if durian isn’t stinky to me, then neither is queso de bola.
Do you Facebook with your next door neighbor?

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