Friday, November 4, 2011

The Press Telegram’s New Delivery System

I’m not a fan of the new Press Telegram delivery system which they started a couple of weeks ago. Previously, the morning paper was delivered to the subscriber’s front door in our condo complex. With the new system, the delivery person stopped tossing the newspaper at the front door and all of them are dumped at the front gate instead, which is an invitation for anyone to pick them up. The first couple of days, some of the papers disappeared. I emailed customer service some feedback about this. Then they started handwriting apartment numbers on the newspapers which helped. The Sunday paper even included a label which said: hands off, this paper belongs to so and so customer at whatever apartment number they resided. That was even more helpful and even though we had to walk to the front gate, at least the paper did not disappear. Then it got worse towards the end of last week because they didn’t even write the apartment numbers any more. I sent another feedback and even included the code number the delivery person can enter at the front gate dial pad in hopes that the paper would again land at our front doors. No such luck, but at least they started sticking the preprinted labels on again. The only positive thing I can say about this new system is that the paper is dumped at the gate much earlier than before. It was supposed to be an improved delivery system but in my opinion it just got worse. Based on what has happened in the last couple of weeks when this new system began, you have to race to the front gate upon waking up to pick up the paper before someone else gets it. When I come home from work, I may not be able to pick it up until 8 a.m. and by that time it’s a crapshoot. The paper may or may not be there. I’m just hoping that at the very least they continue to attach the preprinted labels. In the meantime, I’ll just have to live with the new system. If not for my difficulty walking upon waking up due to my damaged ankles, I don’t really mind walking downstairs to the gate because I’m not that lazy. Come winter, bundling up before stepping out for the paper will become a necessity, or like today's early morning rain, an umbrella.

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