Friday, October 15, 2010

The Evolution of Virgin Mobile Phones

It’s time to revisit and update my post on The Evolution of Virgin Mobile Phones and why it’s getting so many hits on my blog. Truthfully, I don’t still don’t know the reason for that. I surmise that people may be doing a search for exactly the same phrase and since that was the title of that post and one it’s tags too, then maybe search engines pick it up and show it as one of the results. VM has come up with more phones since my original post last June, hence I felt the need to add a part 2.

 I failed to mention that Virgin Mobile also has a Blackberry Curve now as well as a Blackberry lookalike called the Kyocera Loft ($69). The keyboards of both look similar. However, only the LG Rumor Touch has a touch screen, in addition to a slide out keyboard. 
 In technology news this past week, Apple will be making IPhones for Verizon’s CDMA networks. Virgin Mobile uses that type of network so it’s plausible that they could get the IPhone in the near future, but I don’t see that happening until about two years from now. That’s about how long it will take for Virgin Mobile will have to catch up to the latest technology. Heck, I don’t even get consistent email updates on my LG Rumor Touch phone. Sometimes I get my email but most of the time I don’t. I have to manually sync it and even that doesn’t connect most of the time. Not that I’m complaining because I hardly use the phone for calls, text messages or email anyway. So far I’ve resisted the urge to install the Facebook Mobile app on my phone. I don’t know if VM’s Blackberry does any better with email and I’m not willing to shell out $299 for that device just to find out. By the way, I did send an email to Virgin Mobile asking why I don’t get my mail consistently. They responded that it was because I was on a prepaid plan and not on their unlimited data plan. Fair enough.
Well, let’s see if this post gets more hits and hopefully those who stumble upon it will also click on the ads so I can earn a few cents. Thanks in advance. And no, Virgin Mobile doesn’t pay me to mention their phones on this blog.
This just in: Virgin Mobile introduces the Samsung Intercept for $249.99. Android apps are available with this phone. 

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