Monday, October 18, 2010

TLC for the PYT and other work stuff

Tender Loving Care for the Pretty Young Thing -that’s what I call it, and why? I have a co-worker who constantly gives special attention to the pretty young women patients that we admit to our unit. If perchance he is the one who has to take care of the admission paperwork, he takes his good old time doing it because he asks probing questions on the patient’s personal life, even though that’s not his job. But if by chance he gets a homely or older patient, he finishes the admission paperwork in much lesser time. All his co-workers notice this and kid him about it but it doesn’t change anything because he continues to do it shamelessly. He doesn’t seem to care that there is a perception of impropriety in his actions, and his excuse is that he is married and what he’s doing doesn’t mean anything. Methinks he misses the point of the “perception of impropriety”.
Printer problems at work – the other weekend, the computers on our unit were having difficulty connecting with the network printer in the nurse’s station. Sometimes it would print after we turn it off and on but most of the time it would just sit idle and not do anything. We used to have the option of using another network printer but the applications we were using could not locate that printer. I tried to work around the problem by emailing the document I was editing to myself, then accessing my email from a different computer. When I opened the email, I had the option to download the document or open it in a browser running Microsoft Word Online. Downloading the document wouldn’t have helped because the computer I was on didn’t have a word processor. When I opened the document in the browser and clicked print, the missing printer showed up and thus, I was able to print the document. The workaround did the job! The next day we were able to add the printer to the list of options by finding out its network name. Unfortunately, this has to be done for every individual user who logs on to the network. I only did it for myself and my charge nurse. The others would have to rely on the IT department. Isn’t it nice to have a little knowledge of how computers, the internet, and networks work? Who was it who said “a little knowledge is dangerous”?

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