Friday, October 1, 2010

More Random Thoughts Thru September 2010

          I started the month with random thoughts (see: Random Thoughts For Early September) and then more came up since then.
          With all the reusable bags being sold nowadays, when I shop in the grocery store or other stores for that matter, I hardly see anyone else except me using them. Maybe because I shop during off peak hours?
          The inevitable cheaper versions of “rocker” type shoes that claim to tone muscles, improve posture, and promote weight loss, like Skechers and MBT have arrived. Walmart has the Danskin brand rocker shoes and Kmart has the Rock-n-Fit. I’m sure Target has their own too.  All for about a quarter of the price of the original. Example: Skechers = $109.00, Danskin=$29.99. And in the mid-range, Dr. Scholl’s price is about $49.99.
          I received my next reward from a couple of weeks ago for reaching another workout goal: 36 days. It was a towel. If only they knew beforehand that I exercised every day. Next target is 72 days of exercising and the reward is a t-shirt.
          I’m supposed to have an MRI of the head next week (actually as I edit this draft, I already had the procedure done) to check out my dizziness problems and I suddenly remembered that there is a metal plate on my left ankle from a fracture that happened in 1972 from a motorcycle accident. I called the radiology office as soon as I could to find out if that would affect the test. After the receptionist checked with the radiologist, they gave me the all clear to have the test done. I hope those powerful magnets don’t suck out the metal from my foot, otherwise that would suck indeed.
          Caught up on DVR’d TV shows last Wednesday (9/22/10) evening which were missed during 2 nights of 12 hour shift work. On DWTS, Bristol Palin appears to be this seasons’ Kate Gosselin in terms of body stiffness. I could identify because I don’t/can’t dance worth a lick. A week later, I saw that Michael Bolton was worst and thus, he got eliminated. The only reason why Bristol received better scores was because mother Sarah was in the audience.
          I karaoked again last Thursday (9/23/10) evening after haven’t done so for several months. No, I didn’t go out to a club for Karaoke night but did it in the comfort and privacy of my living room. I sounded terrible! Not that I didn’t sound terrible before. What inspired me was a Korean movie that I watched beforehand where the theme song was Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. That was one of the songs we sang in glee club in high school. Speaking of Glee, I laughed out loud when Charice was recruited by Vocal Adrenaline and she said “they gave me and my mom a condo and green card”.
          I finally replaced the original factory installed windshield wipers on my 1998 Honda Civic, only about 5 to 6 years too late. I didn’t even know the driver’s side and the passenger’s side were different sizes until I looked it up online. My windshield is now streak free and all set for the rainy season.
          And lastly, my computer DVR failed to record DWTS results show and Glee this week so I had to resort to streaming them from the web via the ABC and Fox websites. I still have to watch Castle.

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Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" said...

I love DWTS and Glee =) Wasn't Charice amazing? =)

Noel DLP said...

Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa blog ko, Julie :)Wishing you the best with your new addiction!