Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Week That Was in Life

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (The Past Week's Running), I’m now going to tell you about what happened in life other than running from the previous week

As is usual on Wednesday evenings, I caught up with DVR’d TV shows. The results of Dancing With The Stars were almost predictable after seeing the performances. It was either Bristol Palin leaving or Margaret Cho. It was the latter who was sent packing. Glee didn’t seem to have the usual pep to it and it was kinda boring to watch. It was so forgettable that I don’t even remember what happened as I type this. Oh, as I was pacing the hallways at work on Saturday night, I suddenly remembered that it had something to do with religion, prayer, and a grilled cheesus sandwich. 
A representative from the Long Beach Animal Control Services was going around our condo complex last Thursday issuing citations for unlicensed pets. I noticed him taking pictures of the dogs and cats, then leaving the citations on the doors of homeowners who were not home. I wondered how much the monetary damage was.

That same day, I watched a Bollywood movie called Lafangey Parindey, a mildly funny romantic comedy, and I was surprised that there was a kiss towards the end. I thought there was supposed to be no kissing in Bollywood movies, but only hints of kissing. You know, when the main characters are about to kiss but burst in song and/or dance instead. Things must be a-changing in Bollywood.

What?! Another election coming up? Also on Thursday, I exercised my civic duty as a U.S citizen and mailed in my absentee vote. I had already marked my choices on a sample ballot so it was just a matter of transferring them to the official ballot and mailing it. I’ve voted in every election ever since I became I naturalized citizen.
Not the same day, but the next, I got my seasonal flu shot from my workplace, then much later, after I finished working out, I exchanged my recently bought 4 GB Sansa Clip for the same at Best Buy because the one I was using wasn’t receiving the FM stations very well. Would you believe that they tried to charge me more for the exchange? I bought the original one on sale 3 weeks ago and they scanned in the regular price during the exchange. The salesperson had to override the computer. So anyway, the new one is only slightly better in receiving the FM station that I listen most to, so I guess I’ll have to live with it. My previous 2 GB Sansa Clip did better with radio stations but it’s not working anymore.
So there you are, some boring snippets of my life during my three days off from work.

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