Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Ideas That Come And Go

After being lazy about posting anything in this blog in the past month, I have now unleashed a flurry of posts which has so far run for five days in a row as of Thursday, the 17th of February. I usually stick a single post it sheet in my wallet in case any ideas come up. Unfortunately, I don’t bring a pen all the time so there have been a lot of instances when I forget about the idea. I suppose I could use my cell phone’s note pad but I hadn’t thought about that till now. Some of these thoughts are random in which there is really no way to write extensively about. Here are some of them:
I watched a World War II Australian movie last week titled Broken Sun in which the soldiers were wearing gas masks. It reminded me of the post 9/11 run on gas masks due to fear that terrorists might spread poison gas around the country. It never happened but military surplus stores and online stores ran out of masks and there was a waiting list until the stores were restocked. Did any of you buy or shop for one?
Another movie I watched was Burlesque. The plot was nothing to talk about, just a combination of old and recycled ones. Even the dancing was average, although the music was good. Cher’s song sounded like one of those power songs composed for the American Idol finale. What I didn’t expect was seeing Kristen Bell in it. What? Veronica Mars in a burlesque movie??
After being functional in the main hospital for months, they have finally enabled Wi-Fi in the building I work in. That’s even though no one is supposed to be surfing the internet while on duty. Well I found out that this was in preparation for our use of electronic medical records where certain personnel may be using computer tablets for documentation in a patient’s electronic chart. I hope this reduces our use of paper which in turn reduces the time I have to assemble charts for new admissions.
                Here’s an ongoing thing with a lot of people who work in the hospital wards: every time some of them come to work, they have to get a new pen from the hospital supply. I mean, what happened to the one they used yesterday or the other day? The unit secretary has to keep on ordering new pens each week. And the administration talks about how to save money? Me, I keep my pens until the ink runs dry.
                Speaking of work, there are some workers on the night shift who just overdo their break times. They have the official break time consisting of the 30 minute lunch break and two 15 minute coffee breaks. Then they do their unofficial breaks consisting of going out to buy food, eating the food, surfing the internet, hiding in the nooks and crannies of the building to cat nap, then taking an even prolonged nap break. That’s what I consider break abuse! In a lot of hospitals, taking a prolonged nap break is an open secret and for the most part unofficially tolerated by the powers that be. It’s just the abusers that rub me the wrong way but of which nothing I can do about.
                A few days ago, I espied a gas station that was selling regular unleaded gas 4 cents per gallon lesser than I usual place I go to. The next day while on my way home from work, I stopped by the station to fill up. Being unfamiliar with the setup, I pushed the wrong button so instead of pumping regular, I pumped premium instead, which was 10 cents per gallon more. Usually the buttons arranged from left to right would be: regular, premium, and super. In the unfamiliar station I went to, it was premium, regular, and super instead. It must have been my sleepiness from the previous night’s work that made me initially not notice the setup (maybe I should take extended breaks too). So, instead of saving a few cents, I spent more due to my mistake. Oh well, that’s life… I wonder how many people make that same mistake?

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