Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wired On Starbucks

And then there’s this coffee issue. I’m not a fancy coffee drinker and by that I mean, I don’t go to Starbucks, Peet’s, It’s a Grind, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores. Not even Dunking Doughnuts coffee which I hear is very good too. I don’t have a coffee machine, percolator, or French press. I am an instant coffee drinker and I like my coffee black.
 A few days ago, an opportunity arose to finally taste Starbucks coffee because a pharmaceutical company left a couple of jugs at work. One jug said Gold Coast blend and the other, Pike Place. Not knowing the difference, I thought I’d try both and see if I can detect any subtleties in flavor, not only between those two blends but as opposed to the instant coffee I drink at home. Of course I drank the Starbucks coffee black so as not to mask the taste with creamer or sweetener. Well I’ll be darned but there is a huge difference. It’s like night and day. When a company says that their coffee has robust or bold taste, I would think that what I tasted is what they must be talking about. Without any sweetener, I could taste the bitterness blending with some kind of sweetness. I could detect a slight difference between the two but not being a coffee connoisseur, I really could not describe it. As far as comparing it to instant coffee, the Starbuck’s seemed to have a thicker texture to the tongue. To get that texture, I might have to put about 4 teaspoons of instant coffee for each mug. I have a 16 oz. mug at work and filled it with the Gold Coast blend first. After finishing that, I proceeded to refill the mug with the Pike Place blend. I could only finish about ¾ of the refill because after 28 ounces of drinking stronger than usual coffee, my brain and body were wired and jittery. You should have seen me admitting a patient after that. It felt like I wanted to go fast forward.
So, did I like the Starbucks coffee? I did so and very much but I’m not about to start an expensive habit which goes counter to my frugal ways, just for a beverage. Whoever that pharmaceutical company was that left the coffee, thank you so much for enabling me to taste the nectar of Starbucks.
Update (3/29/12): I finally brewed my own coffee. This was my experience with it:
 Intoxicated On Caffeine - My First Brew

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The Sean said...

s-buck makes instant too... so, you have that option...

I just make my own coffee at home. It is much less expensive than buying a $2 cup of black coffee.