Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recent Reconnections

I recently reconnected with a former psych hospital co-worker from 1981. At that time there were a lot of psych majors working as behavior specialists as a step towards better professions. For me, just having arrived in the U.S., it was a step up financially because the pay was much higher to what I was earning in the Philippines. Have I remained stagnant since because I am still in the same kind of job until now? Although that could possibly be, I have made a living out of it and if I am able to keep it up until I’m 62 or 66, I may even be able to retire comfortably. Meanwhile my former co-worker had become a child care specialist in the San Diego area. I think she married her boyfriend from way back when we were working together. If not, well, maybe they were both named Bob. Nice to be in touch with you again, S.V.!
Another person I reconnected with was a very close female friend during our high school days. My former classmates and I have been wondering where she had disappeared to. Google, Friendster, and suspected places of work searches yielded nothing. She remained out of sight but not out of mind until a few weeks ago when her daughter found one of our classmates in Saudi Arabia (where else but through Facebook). Our friend has remained in our town all these years and has become a dean in a university there. This was the girl who code named me Renault in high school, which I mentioned in another post maybe a couple of years back. So great to hear about her success in professional and family life (married with 4 kids). Welcome to Facebook F.A.!
Even though I don’t have many friends on Facebook, the ones I have extend globally over several continents covering countries from the Middle East, Africa, Switzerland, Australia, a few other Southeast Asian countries, and of course mostly from the country of my birth – the Philippines.
Speaking of Facebook, I remember when I first signed up and reconnected with friends, I couldn’t wait for status updates and comment threads. I would even get up in the middle of the night when I heard my email announcement. That lasted maybe a month or two before it got old. It was exciting at first but losing sleep and rest just to see new comments wasn’t worth it, I finally decided. I now turn off the sound of the computer before I go to bed. Now, don’t deny it. You were probably doing the same thing when you first signed up for Facebook or Twitter ;)

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