Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jellybeans and Skittles

          File this under useless posts because it’s in the same vein as the movie I just watched: Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels. I think it’s one of the worst movies ever. Not even good enough to buy or rent for your kids. Gulliver’s Travels, jellybeans, & Skittles = empty and useless calories. Good thing this post as well as the movie was a very short one (like me and Jack Black).
          Overdosing on jellybeans made me lose control of my weight slightly over one weekend. For some reason, eating a few made me feel like eating more and after the sugar rush, I was hungry again. As soon as I stopped and ate more fruits, I shed the pound or two that I gained. Those darn empty sugar calories from the jellybeans were not good for weight maintenance, although by experimenting between chewing a mouthful and chewing one each made a difference. Eating a mouthful = weight gain vs. eating one at a time of a handful worth = no effect on weight.
          Speaking of jellybeans and perhaps Skittles, how do you eat yours? Do you grab a few and dump them in your mouth to get a variety of flavors, or do you eat them one at a time, or several of the same color at a time? Or perhaps it’s just too weird for me to even ask that question. Think about it and give me some feedback if you please.

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