Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of March 2011 Random Thoughts

Facebook and other social networking sites are not accessible through our company’s Wi-Fi or LAN connections (well, maybe Friendster is not banned, but who uses that nowadays anymore?). However, while messing around with MSN Live Messenger, I discovered that you can see updates, make comments, and otherwise do everything else you do at the Facebook website. Psst, don’t tell our IT department or they might block that too. Incidentally, I just discovered that by responding to email notifications from Facebook, you can post comments that way too. I guess this is especially helpful when certain websites are blocked by your workplace network. . Well, excuse me, but I’m a late learner.
                After doing long walks the past couple of weeks, I mounted the treadmill to do a jog a few days ago and when I woke up the next day, my hips and lower back were very, very sore. It was the kind of soreness I used to ignore because I tolerated it better, and knowing that it would pass in a couple of days. This time I was more aware of it. How about this: when I stay immobile for long periods of time, I have to grunt or groan when I finally move. Do you think the post run soreness and the groaning has something to do with age? No doubt about it!
                I was watching a Korean soccer movie based in East Timor (A Barefoot Dream). Halfway through, I had to Google the country because I didn’t know anything about it at all. One of the websites was the CIA website which enlightened me on East Timor’s violent recent past. Surprisingly, a lot of the words in their language is strikingly very similar to my native dialect of Tausug in the Philippines. After all they are both Malay- based languages. The country also has a lot of Hispanic sounding names due to being a past colony of Portugal. Let me tell you this though, that was a very well made movie: funny, emotional, and uplifting, plus this – based on a true story.
The electronic medical records countdown has began and by April 4th we will be transitioning from the traditional chart binders to computer documentation. What does that mean to us mental health workers? Well, less paper of course. The chart packs we make on the night shift will significantly diminish. Pretty soon they may not be needing us because we may become redundant. If they can only get the licensed nurses to check the patients every 15 minutes and take them out for smoke breaks, it will make my position unnecessary.
                Are you using GPS based running apps for the IPhone or Android? How well do they work compared to GPS watches?  Will they make GPS watches unnecessary?
A co-worker ask me to look at his neighbor’s computer to find out why it wouldn’t connect to the internet. After the computer booted, I connected to our work wi-fi and instantly connected to the internet without any problems. I asked my co-worker if his neighbor had an internet connection at home. He said he didn’t know. I’m guessing that the neighbor never had an internet connection but assumed that after buying the computer, the internet automatically came with it. How many people do you think have that problem?
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