Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stick It In Your Ear With Flattery

I went home from work Thursday morning and hit the sack. As usual, I put in my earplugs to deaden the daytime noise so I could sleep. When I woke up in the afternoon, I took them off and felt pressure in my right ear. Part of the earplug broke off and got stuck inside my ear (the top two sections or flanges as seen on the photo above were left deep inside the ear canal). I got a pair of tweezers and tried to pull it out but since I couldn’t see what I was trying to pick, I couldn’t take the piece of foam rubber out. Fearing I might do additional damage by pushing the plug further in, I called my doctor’s office for some advice. They had an opening the same afternoon and would be able to see me. I was able to do a quick 45 minute interval workout on the stationary bike before going, so that took care of my exercise for the day. Normally if I wasn’t pressed for time, I would have ran or walked to and from the doctor’s office since it was only three miles away, but not on this day.
Upon arriving at the doctor’s office, I checked in and in no time,  the medical assistant called me in, weighed me, took my temperature, then escorted me to the examination room. This conversation transpired between medical assistant (M.A.) and I:
M.A. – are you still 53?
Me - yes
M.A.  – You don’t look 53
Me –  (smiling) oh thanks, you are such a good liar, you mean I look like I’m 60?
M.A. – no, you only look 30 plus
Me – (laughing) now you’re really pushing it.
M.A. – no really, I have friends who are in their 40’s and they look older than you.
Me – (smiling more widely now) well, thank you very much.
Come to think about it, it must be the very short haircut, or the botox, or the face lift! Never had the last two of course. Then the M.A. checked my blood pressure which was high by now because of all the unexpected flattery. Well not really. I was just very anxious about something being stuck in my ear. In short time the doctor came in and I showed him what was imbedded inside one of my orifices. He asked the M.A. for tweezers to try to take the piece of ear plug out. The tweezers slipped on the first attempt but the doctor succeeded the second time. Whew! What a relief. He advised me not to use any more earplugs. I’ll take it into consideration. Afterwards, I took my good old young looking self back home still glowing from the compliments or flattery that the medical assistant bestowed upon me.

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