Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Netbook With 14 Hour Battery Life?

          My Acer netbook battery has been draining so quickly lately. It has a replacement 9 cell battery I bought two years ago which worked well for a few months and it was actually giving me about 9 hours per charge. Nowadays, it would last for only about 1.5 to 2 hours. So I browsed around the web to find out what laptop or netbook had the best battery life out of the box, and I found this Asus with a 6 cell battery that supposedly could last up to 14 hours. Even the reviews from people who owned one gushed about this feature. I found a refurbished one at Tigerdirect.com and bookmarked it until I finished doing my taxes a couple of weeks ago, with the thought of maybe buying one if I got a refund. Imagine to my pleasant surprise that I was actually getting a refund. So I ordered the netbook right away after learning that the IRS had accepted my income tax return. Aah, the advantages of efiling! Even though they haven’t sent me the money yet, I bought the netbook anyway. It has a 250 gigabyte hard drive (!) with 1 gigabyte of memory which could be upgraded up to 2 gigabytes, with Windows 7 Starter operating system. The memory compartment is more easily accessible than my Acer netbook. I researched this before I ordered the Asus. My only problem with upgrading the memory, is that I couldn’t unscrew the compartment because I don’t have a small enough phillips head screwdriver. But anyway, I gigabyte will do for now. Update two weeks later: I was able to open the compartment and did a memory transplant from one of my old computers which enabled me to increase the memory to 2 gigabytes.
So why buy a new netbook instead of just getting a new replacement battery for the Acer? Because they only make 6 cell batteries for it now and that only lasts 6 hours. The Asus has a special power management system that extends it’s battery life considerably even though it also only has 6 cells.
I might sell my old Acer netbook and in preparation for this, I rolled back all the preinstalled software to the original factory settings, which also erased all my personal information, files, and software that I installed after I bought it. Anyone wanna buy it?

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